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Introducing Movably Pro

The first interactive smart chair for standing desks that keeps you moving without disrupting your workflow. 


The spine isn’t a delicate structure; it’s built to last.
What it’s not meant to do is sit still all the time.

Matthew Smuck, MD

Chief of PM&R and Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
President of the Spine Intervention Society
Stanford University

Sitting is the new smoking

On average, you’ll spend 4,000 days of your life sitting at a desk. Being sedentary for that long is doing a lot of harm to your body. 

How long are we sitting?

Over 25% of American adults sit for more than 8 hours every day with an additional 3 hours of sitting to watch television on top of that. That's 11 hours on average!​

What's the problem with sitting?
  • Blood flow slows down.  This can allow fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels, leading to heart disease.

  • A 2018 study found that 82% of people who suffer from blood clots, sat for a significantly greater amount of time than the remaining 18%.

What's at risk?

People who sit the most, compared to people who sit the least, have a greater risk of disease and death:

  • 112% increased risk of diabetes.

  • 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke.

  • 90% increased risk of death from cardiovascular events.

Changing behavior is hard.
Using Movably Pro is easy.

Health, movement AND focus

Athletes can move and focus at the same time.  We took this basic premise and transformed it into a revolutionary new chair — Movably ProIt’s the first desk work solution that keeps your blood circulating and your thoughts flowing.

Movaby Pro

Intelligent motion. 

No commotion

The Movably Pro chair lets you easily alternate through a range of postures while you stay completely focused. 

Logos [Recovered]-03.png
Logos [Recovered]-03.png

The best posture is the next posture!

Movably Pro automatically prompts natural movement in your hips and legs. It gently nudges you into different positions throughout the day.

Logos [Recovered]-03.png

Ease and comfort 

Movably Pro is entirely adjustable so you can personalize its settings, with an antifatigue mat built in that keeps you at your best all day.

PL - App

Set goals and track your progress with the Movably app

Your wellbeing is important to us. That's why our app does more than seamlessly pairing with your chair for an intuitive and simple experience. 


The app tracks your progress, allows you to set wellness goals and provides inspirations and guides for healthier, more effective, breaks. 


Get moving

 The less idle your body, the less idle your mind

Get focused

Daily movement and blood flow increase productivity


Everyone’s different—create your own routine with the Movably app

Stay Informed

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PL - Benefits


My back no longer bothers me after being on the computer all day.

Daniel T.

I've used Movably Pro for about a week now and I already see a big difference. Not only do I feel better physically but I'm able to focus more."

Mitch T.
Event Management

I can't imagine using my standing desk without the Movably Pro now that I have tried it.

Elizabeth S.
Senior Software Engineer


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  • Where can I purchase the Movably Pro?
    Movably Pro is now available for preorder for Q4 '24 delivery for 33% off here, or in 6 easy installments of $333.17 here. Movably Pro is definitely an investment, similar to purchasing health insurance or a gym membership. For those investing in their health outside of work, we hope the Movably Pro encourages an investment in your health during the workday as well. Users can also check with their workplace to secure funding for the chair to help promote productivity and healthy movement during the work hours.
  • How does the Movably Pro chair work?
    Once positioned with a standing desk, the chair’s integrated software will allow users to choose a pattern, set the frequency, and enable auto-mode. The chair will automatically prompt movement, while you continue to do your best work. The chair can also be manually prompted with a simple touch of a button, alternating positions from sit, stand, lean, and our favorite – “flamingo.”
  • How easy is it to change positions?
    Changing positions only takes a second! And once you have some practice, you can alternate the positions seamlessly, without interrupting your workflow.
  • Is the chair adjustable?
    Yes, the Movably Pro has a height-adjustable footrest, seat, and backrest – all independently adjustable. The chair is designed so you can comfortably use all positions, even a seated position, without needing to change the chair or desk height.
  • Does the chair require power?
    Yes, the chair comes with its own 110V/24V power supply adaptor, which can plug into any standard outlet.
  • Are there height or weight limits?
    Yes, the minimum user height recommendation is between 5’2” (157cm) and 6’4” (193cm). The weight limit on the chair is 275 lbs, which is above industry weight limits for standard office chairs (average = 250 lbs). Movably Pro is made of durable materials and a steel frame to support more weight than the standard office chair. While the Movably Pro will likely accommodate most users, the buyer assumes responsibility for determining whether the limits and usage of the chair is a fit for their needs.
  • Do I need a standing desk?
    Yes, Movably Pro chair is made to work with a standing desk only. However, it does not have to be an expensive electric desk; a manually adjustable desk works just fine because the chair supports movement in all positions, including sitting. You never need to change your desk’s height to change postures with Movably Pro.
  • Can I use the chair with a standing desk converter?
    No. Standing desk converters usually don't have enough space below them for you to safely and comfortably change postures because your desk gets in the way. They are also often not as stable as regular standing desks.
  • Does the chair come assembled?
    You can easily assemble Movably Pro in about 10 minutes with the tools provided. The column and seat assembly attach to the base, and the seat back attaches to the seat. The foot support simply slides into place.
  • What’s the problem with sitting for prolonged periods of time?
    Prolonged sitting causes poor blood circulation, stiff joints, and sore muscles. This rigidity leaves you feeling drained. With diminished focus, you aren’t able to do our best work. They say sitting is the new smoking because 35+ chronic conditions can be linked to sitting for long periods of time. And yet, millions of people spend 8+ hours/day sitting, with an additional ~3 hours watching TV. Many chairs focus on ergonomics to get you to sit for even longer, which only exacerbates the problem. Movably’s chair provides a way for people to move more often during the workday, without interrupting focus and productivity.
  • What is the connection between not moving and back pain?
    Your spinal discs are the largest structure in your body not supported directly by a blood supply. Discs remain healthy by receiving nutrients and oxygen through the process of diffusion, which is primarily activated by muscle movement. Without frequent movement, discs and bodies can’t remain healthy. While daily exercise and gym visits incorporate muscle movement at that point in time, it can’t make up for the harm caused by sitting the rest of the day.
  • Who would benefit from the Movably Pro?
    Movably Pro is a unique solution for those who are unable to sit or stand in comfort for long periods of time. Many users are required to sit for prolonged periods due to the nature of their work and have a sensitivity to sitting (ex: chronic pain, injury, etc.) and/or experience a diminishing rate of productivity and focus the longer they sit. The Movably Pro is the only solution on the market that incorporates movement without interrupting workflow and proven to reduce lower back and leg discomfort (read more about the research study here).
  • Do you have a warranty?
    Movably Pro has a 3 year limited warranty. The standard quality warranty applies to all the equipment of our own manufacture to be free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and proper operation, for a period of two years from date of shipment.
  • Do you have a return policy?
    We want you to be happy with our product, but because it can take some time to get used to the chair and feel the full benefits of the Movably Pro, we require customers to use the chair for at least 90 days and complete 1000+ posture changes (counted by the chair) before returning their item. If you’re still not satisfied with the product at that point, users will be able to return the chair for up to 180 calendar days from the date of purchase. Return shipping charges will apply and refunds will be issued after the product is received at the warehouse and inspected for damage.
What's at stake?
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