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Climbing the corporate

ladder can be as dangerous to your spine as falling off it.

Get updates on the innovation that creates healthier and more productive workplaces.




The next chair won’t lock you in one position for hours on end, because there’s a correlation between motion and mental acuity.


This is what happens when world renowned engineers and ergonomic chair designers collaborate.

They invent an entirely new category called mobilized sitting.


A category in which health comes before luxury.

Functionality comes before style.

And quality of life comes before quantity of units sold.


The next chair won’t be passive.

It will automatically and intermittently prompt natural movement in your hips and legs, and play an active role fostering the longevity of your spinal cord and overall health.


We put a lot of thought into the next chair.


Knowing that you’ll spend nearly 4,000 days of your life sitting,

maybe you should too.

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